Thursday, August 12, 2010

Yesterday and Some Other Important Stuff.

First off, people, people, please, I did not start this blog to have every point of my life criticized. I did say I would blog about every day. I am keeping to that promise. There are a few things I must change about this though. If you do not hear from me everyday, know I will make up for it. I am committed to finding myself. Originally I decided I would do this alone because my heart was ripped out and taken away. But that person and I are now talking again and he gave me my heart back. As much as I have tried to get over it without him, I haven't. I will simply do this with him. So now there are only a few rules I can stick to since my love is back. No looking at bridal magazines and No looking at wedding rings. I will add a few rules to make up for my stealing of rules. Such as:
Don't be alone in a dark room with any males.
No rushing into things.
Don't be physically intimate. (Ew)
Don't be clingy.
No getting engaged until I am 20. :)

So yes, I am in a relationship with someone I love. He makes me happy. If you have a problem with me being happy then I am sorry but please leave me alone. I am still 100% committed to finding out who I am and loving myself. I have already learned in these past few weeks to love myself and it feels wonderful.

Yesterday I almost lost my best friend over what was happening. Mr. Wonderful and I started talking again and Theresa got upset. She was afraid that I was going to get hurt again. She was afraid that I would trust too soon. We got upset at each other in the middle of WalMart and I slapped her and she punched me. She almost stabbed me with a colored pencil too but she knew it would've killed me. I deserved it. So there we sat in the middle of the pasta isle crying our eyes out like little girls do and it was an emotional roller coaster for both of us. We expressed our feelings and talked it over. I know she cares about me. I learned that I am lucky to have such a forgiving and loving, caring best friend like Theresa. I would never trade anything in the world for a moment that I spend with her. She is cooler than sliced bread. She is hotter than the sun and I love her to pieces. We are going to live next door to each other one day.


  1. Oh wow. This is just too good. My friend said she'd last a week. I said she deserved more credit, that it would take her three weeks before she started going back on her relationship rule. I WIN! Three short weeks. Nerissa is....predictable! That can be your next. Oh man. I'm going to be chuckling over this for days. Did anyone see this coming? Yeah, I think everyone did.

  2. Oh, and for you Nerissa, I'd like to point out a selection from one of your past posts.

    "That problem was that I was being co-dependent on someone to make me feel happy. I had several friends and doctors give me the advice to stop dating for a while and really take the time to figure out who I am. I am finally taking that advice eight months later. I wish I could thank each of those people now personally."

    It seems to me the real truth is you were dumped. Decided to look on the bright side a bit, and took the first opportunity you had to date again. Kind of pathetic, really.

  3. Tiffany,
    I don't know who you are or where you get off criticizing someone you don't know. Unless of course, you are just using a pseudonym because you are too afraid to reveal your true identity.
    Your comments are rude, malicious and absolutely unacceptable. You are the one that is pathetic. Anyone who revels in cutting someone else down has a severe deficiency in human decency.
    You do not know Nerissa's schedule or the things she faces everyday. You have NO right to judge her.
    I strongly advise you to cease and desist posting your obnoxious comments. Your presence here is unwelcome so I suggest you leave.

  4. I thought it was great what you were doing before.

    But what's the point in making rules if you're just going to change them when you want to break them?

  5. Tiffany, If those words up there, Posted by Sherry, Are too Big for you Let me help you out. In a nut shell: Jump (for lack of a nicer word) Off.(: This isn't some game were you Win or Lose. This is Nerissa's life, And Unless you're God or some other higher power, Then you have absolutely NO right to judge her OR the things she chooses to do. Coming here and being rude and witchy Tells us a couple things about you, 1) You have VERY low self esteem and feel good after you cut someone down, 2) You coming here, if this blog is as bad as you make it out to be, and Wasting your time then you have absolutely NO life whatsoever. And 3) You have no Respect for people. If you did then you would realize that people make mistakes and NOBODY, Not even You, is Perfect. So, You can take your Judgments, Your obnoxiousness, and Your attitude and you can simply shove it. People like you LOVE talking trash on the internet, But 9 times outta 10, In person they NEVER back it up. I know that by posting this and arguing with you is just giving you what you want, But I don't care whether it's in Person or on the Internet, I'm Going to stand up for my Friends. I'm not going to let some one, Especially someone online, Walk all over her, She's not a doormat. So, maybe you should gather up your pathetically useless existence and get lost. (:

  6. Nikki, thank you, you are completely right. Why make more rules? Well the point of this blog was to find myself and I certainly can't do that while thinking about marriage. That's why I am going to just date Ryan. Honestly he is the reason I started this blog. If we had never broken up in the first place I wouldn't have started this blog. But I had the opportunity to date him again and the feelings I still had for him said to go for it. I am making rules to keep myself from rushing into things this time. Take things very slow.

    Territerror and Sherry, thank you for defending me. But no worries. Tiffany is not worth getting upset over. Once you realize that, you will learn to ignore her like I do. Read her comments and take it with a grain of salt. Not all comments can be positive. I will continue in my journey. It may not be the exact way I planned on things but that is because I never thought Ryan and I would get back together. I am so happy right now but I will not forget my journey. Thank you for loving me.

  7. I'm happy that you're happy again, but really hope you know what you're getting into Nerissa.

  8. So the moral of this story is that one should give up their values on the drop of a hat if it's more convinent, right?

  9. So can we safely assume after over 2 weeks without a new post, that you've abandoned your blog?